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Tag: Doctor Who

“TARDIS Blue” t-shirts new at Don’t Blink Tees

TARDIS Blue Doctor Who T-Shirt

So maybe it's not the official Pantone color code, but it's just as good!

The “TARDIS Blue” color chip tee is officially on sale in the t-shirt shop! The new tee features a Colortone© color chip (er, Pantone’s more adventurous cousin, let’s say) in hue 293C, also known as “TARDIS Blue”. A timeless shade that was inspired by vintage British police phone boxes and The Doctors who love them!…

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Don’t Blink Tees Grand Opening!

Don't Blink Tees Grand Opening

It’s the Grand Opening, Charlie Brown! is finally open for business! Don’t Blink Tees is your home for the ORIGINAL Keep Calm and Don’t Blink t-shirt! In addition to awesome Keep Calm and Don’t Blink tees, you’ll also find other awesomely nerdy tees inspired by video games, movies, television and more! Don’t forget to…

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