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“Greetings from the TARDIS” postcard tees

Greetings from the TARDIS Doctor Who Postcard Tees

The perfect postcard for your next adventure through time and space!

It’s been a while, but there’s finally a new Doctor Who t-shirt to add to the lineup! The “Greetings from the TARDIS” postcard tee is inspired by vintage location postcards and is made with Doctor Who fans in mind. Each letter of the word ‘TARDIS’ contains fun references to the enemies and adventures of The Doctor and his companions.

Tees and hoodies are now available in the Don’t Blink Tees t-shirt shop. Actual “Greetings from the TARDIS” postcards can be found in the Red Bubble gift shop, along with cases for the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

Now when you decide to go swanning off through time and space with strange men in blue boxes, in between rubbing elbows with historical figures and outruning hostile alien life, you can drop your loved ones a postcard (really, it is the very least you could do).