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“Triforce Power” Legend of Zelda + Kanye West mashup tees!

Triforce Power Legend of Zelda Kanye West Mashup Tee

No one man should have all that power...

Something fun and new for all the Zelda fans out there, new “Triforce Power” tees and hoodies are up in the t-shirt shop! The “Triforce Power” tee features the Triforce against the silhouette of Link’s Master Sword, surrounded by the lyrics “No one man should have all that power,” from “Power” by Kanye West.

If only Ganondorf had been a Yeezy fan he might have learned this valuable lesson and so much trouble could have been avoided. Maybe they didn’t get MTV in the Gerudo Valley.

Triforce Power” tees and hoodies can be found in the Don’t Blink Tees t-shirt shop. Check out the Red Bubble store to score fun gifts and accessories!