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On Gallifrey TARDIS Chooses You!

TARDIS Chooses You Doctor Who T-Shirt

And what woman wouldn't choose to be a Doctor's Wife?

New in the t-shirt shop, “TARDIS Chooses You” tees and hoodies! This fun parody t-shirt was designed in response to the latest Doctor Who episode “The Doctor’s Wife”.
In it, the TARDIS is given human form and reveals that it was not The Doctor who chose her, but she who chose The Doctor! So in a fun (or terrible) twist on the old “In Soviet Russia” joke, the “TARDIS Chooses You” tee was born!

You can find the “TARDIS Chooses You” t-shirt in the Don’t Blink Tees t-shirt shop in styles for women, men, and kids, and in sizes up to 4XL. Or you can pick up fun gifts and accessories like posters, cards, and phone cases exclusively in the gift shop!